react-animations – Collection of Animations for CSS-in-JS Libraries

September 28, 2016     367     React CSS Animation
react-animations – Collection of Animations for CSS-in-JS Libraries

React-Animations is a collection of animations that can be used with any inline style library that supports using objects to define keyframe animations, such as Radium or Aphrodite. React-animations implements all animations from animate.css.

Below is a list of all available animations.

bouceOut, bounce, bounceIn, bounceInDown, bounceInLeft, bounceInRight, bounceInUp, bounceOutDown, bounceOutLeft, bounceOutRight, bounceOutUp, fadeIn, fadeInDown, fadeInDownBig, fadeInLeft, fadeInLeftBig, fadeInRight, fadeInRightBig, fadeInUp, fadeInUpBig, fadeOut, fadeOutDown, fadeOutDownBig, fadeOutLeft, fadeOutLeftBig, fadeOutRight, fadeOutRightBig, fadeOutUp, fadeOutUpBig, flash, flip, flipInX, flipInY, flipOutX, flipOutY, headShake, hinge, jello, lightSpeedIn, lightSpeedOut, pulse, rollIn, rollOut, rotateIn, rotateInDownLeft, rotateInDownRight, rotateInUpLeft, rotateInUpRight, rotateOut, rotateOutDownLeft, rotateOutDownRight, rotateOutUpLeft, rotateOutUpRight, rubberBand, shake, slideInDown, slideInLeft, slideInRight, slideInUp, slideOutDown, slideOutLeft, slideOutRight, slideOutUp, swing, tada, wobble, zoomIn, zoomInDown, zoomInLeft, zoomInRight, zoomInUp, zoomOut, zoomOutDown, zoomOutLeft, zoomOutRight, zoomOutUp

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