Material Components for the Web

May 16, 2017     480     UI
Material Components for the Web

Material Components for the web (MDC-Web) help developers execute Material Design. Developed by a core team of engineers and UX designers at Google, these components enable a reliable development workflow to build beautiful and functional web projects.


  • Animation
    Animation timing curves and utilities for smooth and consistent motion.
  • Auto Init
    Utilities for declarative, DOM-based initialization of components on simple web sites.
  • Base
    Base foundation and component classes.
  • Buttons
    Material Design-styled buttons.
  • Cards
    Cards for displaying content composed of different elements.
  • Dialogs
    Modal dialogs.
  • Drawers
    Permanent, persistent, and temporary drawers.
  • Elevation
    Shadows and elevation as Sass mixins and CSS classes.
  • Grid Lists
    An RTL-aware Material Design grid list component.
  • Inputs and Controls
    Form fields, checkboxes, menus, and other input components.
  • Layout Grids
    Responsive grids using CSS/SCSS.
  • Lists
    Lists present multiple line items vertically as a single continuous element.
  • Menus
    Non-cascading Material Design menus.
  • Ripples
    Ink ripple touch feedback effect.
  • RTL
    Right-to-left and bi-directional text layout via SCSS helpers.
  • Snackbars
    Brief feedback for an action through a message at the bottom of the screen.
  • Theme
    Color theming for MDC-Web components.
  • Toolbars
    A container for multiple rows of items such as application title, navigation menu, or tabs.
  • Typography
    Material Design typography guidelines implemented via CSS.

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