Angular Filter – Bunch of Useful Filters for AngularJS

July 18, 2016     183     Angular
Angular Filter – Bunch of Useful Filters for AngularJS

Angular Filter is a bunch of useful filters for AngularJS with no external dependencies.

List of Filters

after, afterWhere, before, beforeWhere, concat, contains, countBy, chunkBy, defaults, every, filterBy, first, flatten, fuzzy, fuzzyBy, groupBy, isEmpty, join, last, map, omit, pick, pluck, range, reverse, remove, removeWith, searchField, some, toArray, unique, where, xor

endsWith, repeat, reverse, slugify, latinize, startsWith, stripTags, stringular, test, match, trim, ltrim, rtrim, truncate, ucfirst, uriEncode, uriComponentEncode, wrap

min, max, percent, radix, sum, degrees, radians, shortFmt, byteFmt, kbFmt

isNull, isDefined, isUndefined, isString, isNumber, isObject, isArray, isFunction, isEqual, isGreaterThan >, isGreaterThanOrEqualTo, isLessThan, isLessThanOrEqualTo, isEqualTo, isNotEqualTo, isIdenticalTo, isNotIdenticalTo

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